Instrumentals Of The Years


*Instrumental Of The Year (2000-2015):

2000 - One Step Closer
2001 - In The End
2002 - Enth E Nd
2003 - Numb
2004 - Numb/Encore
2005 - Remember The Name
2006 - Where’d You Go†
2007 - What I’ve Done
2008 - We Made It
2009 - New Divide
2010 - Burning In The Skies
2011 - Iridescent
2012 - Burn It Down
2013 - A Light That Never Comes
2014 - Final Masquerade
2015 - Welcome

*Instrumental Version of songs

†Won Ringtone Of The Year

Mike’s Instrumentals Are The Best!

(OT: Realized it’s my 1st time starting a topic of my own)


Can’t say any of these are my favorites. I prefer some demo instrumentals.


But only the mainstream instrumentals are a closer representation to reality. Only a small number of these songs were truly the instrumental of the year.


I’m still confused as to what we’re supposed to do in this thread. Do we list out fav instrumentals of each year? And do they have to be LP and FM only?


I’m not even sure half of them had official instrumentals anyways… still, I prefer demos over any of them. They’re all great musically just not my favorites.


Most of them do, but admittedly though many of those instrumentals were promos (promos that weren’t available on the internet during that year of release) or derived from multitracks.


Ummm… Not sure

after all

@the_termin8r1 sure, this topic is under The Barracks, so anyone can name their Instrumentals Of The Years from 2000 until this year (maybe 2016 if this continues into next year).


Ok, there’s just one problem though. I can’t think of any :laughing:


Hint: Instrumental version of songs, not necessarily songs that are instrumental in their own right.


Yes, I got that bit, but most songs that I know don’t have an instrumental version. Or are we allowed to list songs with singing in them but as instrumentals. E.g. Feed the machine by Red doesn’t have an instrumental, but can it still be listed?


Instrumental version can be derivable from multitracks, promos, fan-made.

Eg: I don’t see the Darker Than Blood instrumental circulating on the internet yet, but the multitracks have been released, so a fan can easily create an instrumental from the multitracks.


I see, ok.


Instrumentals tend to vary a lot when they’re not official releases so I won’t speak on any fan-made and/or non official ones. I do agree that Mike has released some pretty sick loops (i.e. VMA’s score) and instrumentals (i.e. Into The Badlands theme song) though.