"Interrail" LP in Europe


Hey guys, once again! :slight_smile:

I’m so happy and excited about the summer. Im going to see LP 4 times, so far, this summer in Europe. I bought the tickets to Hasselt (Pukkelpop), Rybnik, Berlin and Italy. I always wanted to explore a lot of cities in a few weeks, so this is the perfect match. I’m going to travel alone (a friend of mine gave up the idea, so…), i think it will be kinda funny and not so funny at the same time.

If you guys are going alone too, we can do a group. It would be amazing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: “lp fans around the europe”

Btw, about supporting bands, fingers crossed for Crown The Empire, Rise Against, Of Mice & Men, Avenged Sevenfold or Papa Roach :sunglasses:


Hi! Wow, lucky you!! It sounds awesome! If there won’t be an announcement of any additional dates for Europe then I might join you in Berlin as I’m traveling alone as well! :smile: And yeah, all bands are great, but I saw Papa Roach just last month in London so I sooooo hope to see Of mice and men again on tour with LP! :smiley:


I was saving money for a december tour of europe, but now I guess I will have to delay it for a while. I will try to match it with some music festivals, so that I can maximize my euro experience :smiley:


That sounds amazing. If you happen to have room in your suitcase, I’m willing to travel along :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @KristinaUK! We talked on twitter ahah Since i cant go to Moscow, see u in Rome and Berlin! :slight_smile: it will be great


@amitrish Oh. But are u going to any shows this yer?


@Gatsie if you have less than 60cm, sure :smile:


unfortunately, no. Any suggestions, which is the best music festival? I have heard WOA is pretty awesome.


LOL, let me try to fold myself up.


I am going Berlin and Rome.
To Rome i am travel alone.
World be nice to meet Soldiers there.
Feel free to mail.


@scrow0815 hey Scrow!
DM’d you on LPU :slight_smile: