Interview with Adam Ruehmer


I did this interview in January. And was posted in my Website, but my Site is in spanish so i’ve translated the interview for my community. Now we are starting to share our Exclusives interviews with important characters related with Linkin Park also in english. Can be found here.

Anyway, here is my interview with Adam, i wanted to share today just because it will be good for us remember this guy as a big part of LP Underground for ever.

[quote]How did you met Linkin Park?

The first time I met the band was on the set of the “Leave Out All The Rest” video. I had been hired about a month or so before then as an assistant at their marketing company, Machine Shop.

What is your favorite Linkin Park’s album and song right now?

Favorite album is A Thousand Suns. Favorite song is either Burning In The Skies or Lying From You. I think I listened to Burning In The Skies 100 times when I got my copy of ATS.

What music do you listen? What bands do you like?

I like all kinds of music. Some of my favorite artists/bands are New Found Glory, The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Millencolin, Michelle Branch, The Graduate, Ludacris, Over It, Taylor Swift, Weaver At The Loom… All of them have albums I listen to on a pretty regular basis.

Let’s talk about LP Underground, tell us a little about the history of LPU, how borns LP Underground?

I’m probably not the person to answer this as I only joined the team in LPU7. The LPU was started by Jessica Bardas (now Jessica Sklar) with Linkin Park in 2001. She had been helping the band with the street team and worked at WBR previously.

How many years do have working for LPU and Linkin Park?

February 11, 2013 will be 5 years working for Linkin Park.

How are selected the Songs for the LPU CD’s? Who choose the songs?

Songs are chosen mostly by the band. They go through what stuff they have and what they’d like you guys to hear. LPUHQ really doesn’t have much say in it since we don’t really even know what they have!

This year there will be more in LPU Auctions and Giveaways? If so, you could anticipate something?

Definitely. We’re trying to fix our currently broken auction site as we speak. It’s not cooperating with us!

What is your favorite story in LP Underground?

If you’re asking about my favorite memory since working here, I have a few… FIRST is going on tour. I never in a million years thought I’d get to travel the world with a band. It’s a dream come true. Meeting fans every single night is so awesome. SECOND would be the trip to South Africa and planting trees with the school children. That day literally changed the lives of many of us who were there. I’ve never met such pure and beautiful children in my life. THIRD would be the scavenger hunt. I didn’t sleep for that 2 weeks. I was pretty much making it up as it went along, and while it was the most stressed I’ve ever been, it was also some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I never imagined it would work out as well as it did.[/quote]

The rest of the interview can be found on Wretches And Kings Net.

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