Invalid Zip Code when buying LPU16 membership!



I’m trying to buy a LPU Digital Membership ($10) but at the end of the process the following error message appears: “The zip code you supplied failed validation”

I live in Brazil, my Zip Code is: 06770-160

I already tried inserting the Zip Code in multiple formats (06770160, 6770160, 6770-160), but none of them work.

Does anybody know how to solve this? I’m pretty sure it should accept brazilian codes because the country Brazil is available in the list.

PS: I’m using an international credit card that I use regularly to buy stuff from all over the world without any problems.




I’m with the same issue with order the LPU Membership. How did you solve it?


guess this the solution? merry christmas :christmas_tree:@danishinoda


Did you solved this at the time?

How was the solution? I’m facing the same problem buying LPU17. :frowning:


Yes, I just used a different credit card and It worked.