Irish LPUers!


Alright lads!!
just wondering if im the only Irish person here!!

an bhfuil aon duine Éireannach ann?? :smiley:

Irish People here?

Well whats the craic [smile]?? I’ve seen one other lad on this from Ireland so were not the only ones but think were rare enuf on this :stuck_out_tongue:


ah nothin much now!!!where abouts are ya from?ya i’ve never really seen any others around!
but im new to this anyway!!


Hey, how’s it going? I’m Cillian, from Kerry.

I’m going to have to start calling in here more often.


I’m Geri and I’m from Mayo :slight_smile: hopefully there’ll be an Irish LP gig this year :smiley:


Oh shtop!!an irish gig would be unreal!i missed the the one they played the last time!gutted!hopefully i’ll go to see them this summer,even if i have to go to england!


Yeah fingers crossed. I was at the '08 gig, it was a good one. Bit annoyed they skipped us with ATS tour though.


oh stop!!well hopefully they might pass by us this time!!and if there was a summit in here…it would be amazing!!!


im not from ireland but i love ure countrie and ur beer xD guines and ireland rulezz wuhuu! xD


ah tis a grand laugh here alright!im drunk the whole time! :wink:




The 08 Irish gig was my first LP gig, was unreal! [cool] I’ll def be heading over to England to see them if they announce a gig over there [biggrin]


see id love to go over to one,but no one i know like linkin park!!! :open_mouth: its a crime i know!!


Yeah I am Irish too, haven’t seen them live before what about you guys?