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I’ll begin to upload all my work done in these 3 years weekly or monthly, but I don’t want created a new thread for every story (I have shortest stories.) So I’ll be posting all of them here.

I write a litte of everything. All my stories are written in Spanish, so I must translate them and try to keep the essence. I’ll leave the original version too, in case someone wants to translate directly to their maternal language.

I will be updating a list with the titles I have uploaded.

  • Spending the Time.
  • The Original Story.
  • You Aren’t Perfect.

The Original Story
Everything was ready to begin to write what his heart dictated, he had already read how book he had in front of, he knew by heart all the poems since the A to the Z, in all languages and knew deep the maximums exponents of literature through the ages. It just lacked one thing, he take his fountain pen and a sheet to print his ideas.

When he took his fountain pen and began to write, he didn’t know how to baste his ideas and he created a story like no other. He had created a story worthy of god. He didn’t understand its magnitude and he discarded it, thinking that a story must be faithful to its structure and its base. Leaving so, the best story of all time in the trash can.

El Cuento Original
Todo estaba listo para empezar a escribir lo que su corazón dictase. Ya había leído cuánto libro tuviese enfrente, se sabía de memoria todos los poemas desde la A hasta la Z, en todos los idiomas y conocía a profundidad a los máximos exponentes de la literatura a través de las épocas. Sólo faltaba una cosa, tomar su pluma y una hoja de papel para plasmar sus ideas.

Cuando tomó su pluma y empezó a escribir, no supo cómo hilvanar sus ideas y creó un cuento como ningún otro. Creó una obra original digna del mismo dios. No comprendió su magnitud y la desechó, pensando en que una obra debe ser fiel a su estructura y su base. Dejando así, la mejor obra de todos los tiempos en la basura.

You Are Not Perfect
I know that like everyone, you are not perfect.
I know that like everyone, you have heard many times
"But what matters is what’s inside."
I know that many of your problems are because you looked for them and you found them.
I know that you are imperfect and that’s why I know that your company is my best ally to combat loneliness.
I know that you are not perfect and that’s why you will understand my imperfections.
I don’t want someone perfect, but someone imperfect like you.
I seek a complement, not an expert in marking my imperfections.
I know you are not perfect.

No Eres Perfecta
Sé que como toda persona, no eres perfecta.
Sé que como toda persona, has oído muchas veces
"pero lo que importa es lo de adentro."
Sé que muchos de tus problemas son porque tú los buscaste y encontraste.
Sé que eres imperfecta y por eso sé que tu compañía es mi mejor aliada para combatir la soledad.
Sé que no eres perfecta y por eso entenderás mis imperfecciones.
Yo no quiero a alguien perfecta, sino a alguien imperfecta como tú.
Busco un complemento, no una experta en marcar mis imperfecciones.
Sé que no eres perfecta.

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Finally :))))) very nice you start to share your work. What I´ve read right now is just this: short- bubbling and clear and full of deeper sense. Honestly it`s written like you are, and that´s just great man… go on- curious about the rest!


Agreed with @theearlywalker ! And we begin our spanish lesson too! :rofl: you’re a good writer! Hope to see other works… :blush:


Thank you very much. I’m so proud of have friend, and family like you all.

Ahh… I need more time to create that one, maybe this weekend I can do it.


@Honey8 Read above!


They are soo nicely written. :smiley::smiley:


very nice! Let the creativity flow :grin:


Aww i loved this quote… well said…
LET THE CREATIVITY FLOW!!! :smile::smile:

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