Is it selfish?


I only listen to Linkin Park, & my own music. I think its possibly selfish. Anttixs music


Selfish no but seriously, how do you do that? lol
I can’t just listen to one or two bands :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s not selfish.
I can’t listen to only one or two bands.
I love LP and listen their songs often.
Also I listen to a lot of other music.


Selfish? No, but it’s your choice.

There’s just so much music and so many different genres in the world to listen to, one band certainly wouldn’t cut it for me.


Well, I think you are going to miss a lot of good music. Yes, there is good music out there :wink:


for a long time i would have lp on my mind all the time, not saying its a bad thing and i’m not saying i am complaining but now and days i listen to so many more other music. LP will always be ‘the’ band for me and will always come first :slight_smile:

but i do listen to more kinds of music now.