Is LP touring in the U.S.?


Hey guys I know the band has released the opening shows of their tour in 2017 but none of them were in the United States is liking park still touring in the US and if so do you know when they will release there schedule?


I don’t believe anything has been stated about touring in the U.S., but I’m sure it will come eventually. They won’t stop playing in the United States altogether


Do we really need another thread for this?

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I’m not going to lie about this but I always wanted to know if one day they will tour in the U.S and do a live performance in NY again because this time I want to see them. But hopefully they do come in the U.S someday.


Chester recently said that September on is possible for this year . I’m still trying to contact lp underground to give me my membership code … for some reason they haven’t and won’t respond to my invoices


Thanks that is helpful


Question answered.


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