Is the Linkin Park Living Things vinyl rare and limited?


Hey there, I want to buy a vinyl to get signed at the LPU Summit in Amsterdam next month.
I’ve been thinking about buying either THP or Living Things.

I really like the vinyl for LT because it’s white. But I also read in some places that it is limited? I can get it at my local music store for about 25$ so that’s not really expensive for a limited item. I mean, if it is limited, then I would buy that one to get signed.

And I like the album LT better than THP, but THP is more recent so maybe that is cooler to get signed. I don’t know, too many choices haha. I want to get the vinyl-case (?) signed so I can hang it on my wall or something. Hope you guys know more!


I put it under LPU Events instead of The Underground, sorry. D:


All the LP vinyls are limited in any-case! [biggrin] (& I’m tempted to get the THP vinyl, but it’ll not be able to reach the summit in time [sad] )

Note that:
1 : the vinyl cover itself is not small, but a normal laptop bag / backpack should be able to hold it in place. (12" x 12" is the size of the cover)
2 : if you’re in the general-admission area after the summit, your “Precious” will also needs to be kept safe (as the cover is very easy to bend)


I just noticed the THP vinyl my local music store isn’t the one with the engraved vinyl, so I bought Living Things.

And I’ve thought about both of those things, I have to take an extra bag with me because the case does not fit in my backpack haha. And after the summit I’m gonna run to the cloakroom-thingy. The last time I went to that venue I had no problems at all with leaving my stuff there so I just have to hope my case will stay unharmed. :’)


I got that exact one signed when I saw them last month. I actually got the Record signed instead of the cover. Im going to do a frame with both the record and the cover with the meet and greet photo. It comes out really good with the signatures on the vinyl. You can see it in my profile picture.


Wow that’s looks pretty awesome as well! Altho I’m afraid the vinyl might break or something if I take it with me. it does look cooler though, thanks for showing.

But is the vinyl still playable then or can’t you use it anymore?


To be honest I never intended to actually play the vinyl. I just bought it to get signed and then frame it.


Haha me neither, but my parents were like “but what if you buy a record player in the future and then you can’t play it blah blah”. I’ll think about it. :wink: