Is there a Flashmob for Luxembourg?



Since the start of the European tour 2019, soldiers have been organizing flashmobs through Facebook groups for every show.
Howecer for Luxembourg, I couldbt find a Facebook group ans I’m wondering what should we do? It’s the last Post traumatic European show. We MUST do something amazing


There is a Facebook group for Luxembourg. :grin:
Not much going on there so far, but someone posted about a flashmob.



it was me :smiley:


Hey all, for info I bought a package of post it for Saturday


That’s great. I think we must buy packs of post-it and bring them in front of the hall so that we can distribute them and every single fan would participate in the flashmob


@bkbushra I Will bring something around 2000 papers already :grin: you can look on the other post that I created ‘mike in Luxemburg Who is going’,
But if you want to bring more, to have more colours :crazy_face: