Is there an official UK stockist for LP items?


Hello again!

I’m only asking as everything I try to buy is from the US and I can’t afford the huge postage costs compared to the amounts I’m wanting to spend.

Am I better waiting for LP to tour the UK again and possibly purchase at the event? Or is there a LPUK group?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


As far as I know we don’t get anything over here :confused: we have to pay the idiotic import and delivery costs, hence why I haven’t ever bought anything, Though I might be wrong.


If u know anyone traveling from the US to the UK u can have the items sent to them, then they can bring over for u. My mom lives in Sweden and we do this often to avoid the shipping. Hope this helps!


I think it´s time they bring up an European Center from where all the items can be send by post to the customer, all over our continent, For Example: I won a prize and should payed 28,50 $ for fee taxes and shippment, thats when I stopped, I didn´t took the “mistery prize” though, it would make much things more easy, if they made a European HQ for these things…


You can buy stuff from eBay and Amazon UK. Most items have free shipping for the UK.