Is there any official word on ticket limits?


I have not seen one official word on ticket limits. I’ve seen it mentioned that “Adam said he thinks it’s 4 tickets”. I would like to know if I can pick up more than four tickets. I know that you can only pick up four tickets in one transaction but can you make more than one transaction?


I’m sure you will see the maximum when you are buying those tickets


I too have not seen anything in writing stating what the limit is however this is the TICKET LIMIT POLICY from Ground (Ctrl): ‘Tickets purchased for an event during multiple online sessions on our web site are totaled to ensure that any venue or promoter imposed limitations are not exceeded. When customers exceed these limits, their orders may not be fulfilled.’ (Notice the words 'may not be fufilled).

I would wonder though, if someone was able to purchase more than the limit (let’s say 4), and their orders were not ‘fufilled’, would they at least let the purchaser keep at least the first 4 tickets purchased? (Especially since there doesn’t seem to be any ‘official’ word as to what the limit is).

Would be interesting to find out for sure.