Is there anyone knows if i dont take the show ticket can i go toMG?


just like the title. If i dont buy the live show’s ticket,but i’ve got the lpu’s meet and greet chance and i have a membership card,can i go to see linkin park?
the rules just told you must take the ticket and lpu’s card.but if i dont take the ticket,what could it be?
i’ve tried to buy the japanese’s ticket,but i don’t know that language and that web forced me to write my japanese address,but i don’t live in japan…so i can’t buy the ticket.but i really want to go to see the live show and join meet and greet…
i really wanna join MG with out the live show’s ticket,anyone can help me?




I recently attended the Sydney concert & meet and greet, everything I read said you must have a ticket for the show in order to attend the meet and greet. I had to enter the concert arena in order to reach the meeting point for the meet and greet. So even though you might get selected for the meet and greet I don’t believe you will be allowed in without a concert/festival ticket.


Yep, you need a ticket. The meet and greets are held inside the venue and the only way in is to have a ticket.


yes, u definately need a ticket… are you going to summersonic in japan?