Is this true?


Just read an article from a huge and widely known Brazilian newspaper (O Globo) stating that Chester said LP will be playing 4 shows in BR simply because of the 4x1 score in a soccer match against the USA (I was actually at that match lol)…

I mean, since when do bands pick how many shows they wanna play in a country because of some random reason like that? I’m actually from Brazil and I find that highly unlikely!

It’s just that Brazilian people want to believe that LP cares about Brazil soccer… I’m not saying they don’t but it doesn’t make any sense to me they would pick to play 4 times solely because of that… The game could have ended 0x0 then what?

I have not been able to find the original interview, which supposedly was done over the phone.


This sounds like a case of a mistranslated joke from Chester. I bet he was joking and Globo didn’t understand it. I once bought a LP magazine in Brazil and it had more facts wrong than right.

Shows have a lot of money and logistical problems behind them so the reason wouldn’t be something silly like that.


I’m sure it’s not true!
Phoenix made a joke when we won that game, saying that they owe us a show… But I don’t think this would influence the shows, once the business mans doesn’t even know about that ‘bet’

Ps.: I know, my english looks terrible, I’m sorry if I made any mistake…


I don’t know about that, I just know that Linkin Park’ll be here and that’s great!

This kind of thing don’t matter anymore!


I doubt that it’s true, too.


Then we would have to endure a few more years of “We want LP in Brazil” spam, rather than “Yay, LP is (are?) coming to Brazil” spam.