Issue: Membership not updating


I recently bought the LPU16 deluxe package but my membership has not renewed. It still says it ends at the end of this year…


Have you redeemed the code that comes with it? If not, you gotta do just that.


You should receive an email with a code and instructions, if you still need assistance, message me or reply here.


Thanks for the help guys! However, I thought the code was supposed be for LPU17 and that my account would automatically renew to LPU16 after I purchased it. There weren’t any instructions in the coupon email regarding on how to use it. I contacted fullscreen directly and they said that my account will update on the day it expires. Also, I paid $107 for the Deluxe edition. The only difference I can see from that version and the Welcome Bundle is the scarf and pennant. You’re telling me I paid an extra $50 for that? How come the $40 welcome bundle wasn’t shown in the store, of am I just not seeing it?


You’re having the same problem I’m having. There weren’t any directions for mine either.


While easily missable, it mentions the coupon at under the deluxe package section. I missed it myself at first


Derek, I’m with the same problem. I bought the deluxe membership at 11/23 and didn’t receive any code or instructions. I still can’t access members-only sections…


Go ahead and shoot an email and see if they can see anything on their end.


Ok, Derek!! Thank you!!!