Issues with LP store


Hello All,

i just wanted to seek help for a weird experience i am having with the LP Store. I ordered 5 items (4 tee and a bag) from LP Store in Aug 2017. I received the product in Sep 2017 but they were not what i ordered. The product i received has 5 tee all of XXL size where as i ordered Med; plus the bag was not there. When raised a complain, i got a response from Support team that they are shiping the right product again. Till date (28th Dec 2017) i did not get the product; instead i got an email today stating refund for one tee is made; i checked my card statement and nothing was in there. Can someone suggest whom should i reach out to get this clarified. Right now i have a mindset that i do not need the product anymore; instead would like to get refund for all the items.


It was probably refunded because by the time they sent out the 2nd parcel the tee must have been out of stock. Don’t worry about the refund, it takes a few days for the transaction to appear in your bank account.


Hi @abhishekguha!
I have simmilar problems/ experience with the LP Store and I´m more than angry and dissapointed about this :frowning:
I ordered my Celebrate Life Poster the same day it was released on their shop and after a month I still didn´t had a shipping mail. I contacted them and they told me, they have delays with the shipping and then I wrote again after a couple of weeks. They told me, my item will shipped in the next weeks.

When my order arrived finally after 2 Months, it was only the Pin from the order and my Poster was missing. I contacted them again and then they told me :

" Thanks for reaching out! I looked into your order for you and unfortunately it looks like we have run out of stock of the poster. I’m so, so sorry, as it should not have been available to buy since we were oversold. I have refunded you for this missing item.

Again, I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. "

They send me this EMail on New Year´s Eve and I was so angry. It spoilt my evening :frowning:

I hope you have your money back @abhishekguha and I´m sorry to hear, that you have made disappointing experience with them too.


@OneMoreLight2017, we both are in same shoes. In bits and pieces i am getting my products refunded. Today’s again i got a refund notification for one of my products. Still 3 more to go. Best part its being refunded due to non availability after i was told that the product is shipped. The worst feeling is that i ordered these products as memory of our dear Chester, and now i won’t be getting any. Oh well i dont think our sentiments matter here any ways. Poor us.


I feel you so much!
They really messed these things up…
I hope so much for you, that your items will be available again and that you have the chance to buy it again!!!
I’m really angry how they managed their business. Really unprofessional