It was JANI who voted Tash not TASH, SO BE Bigger, Kinder, Wiser, Stronger


sorry to all i didnt mean this as a negative thing for tash more very very positive , and didnt realise it was considered spam :frowning: it was not tash s idea but i still stand by the fact it should be her.
adam has posted his own post about leaving and if you are fanatics like us would of seen it x so go look for it and all stay happy, chill and positive as it s the LPU way and spirit .
sorry for the peeps whom didnt know or understand i cannot do much about it… 'adam is leaving to ass ist the band at a higher level as he done the hard yarn so lets all be super happy for him x
ps im sick with acute tonsilitus and feel flat and brain dead so please do not attack me, tash or anyone as its not in our spirits BIGGER, KINDER, WISER, STRONGER IS MY MOTTO
hugs and LPU wings


You spoke your peace in your other thread, closing this one.