Item not shipped yet


I ordered underground 8, 7 and x 2 weeks ago and my receipt says it has not been shipped yet. I tried getting help from fullscreen direct but they said i bought digital copy’s and not hard cd copy’s and sent me a receipt of a different purchase i made.


I would email them a screenshot of your receipt or the order number and go through them again
Good luck


They also marked the problem as solved will they even respond to me now?


I’m not sure, I haven’t really had as much of an issue with them
I would make a whole other request instead, new email so they don’t ignore it but start by giving them the order number or proof so they know which you mean


I’ll give it a shot thank you


Do you know how long it takes for them to respond?


The few times I’ve contacted them it was at most a couple days I think
It’s been a while though

I admit everything seems much slower this year


Just got a email saying my items are shipped :sweat_smile: