Items you will bring to be signed during M & G


What will you bring to be signed by LP if you got the chance?


My guitar and LP albums!


There’s a thread with the same topic here :


Bring something which u will be able to carry during the concert. Nothing too bulky. Only 1item will allowed… Now… To think of what that 1 item will be… Hmmm… :wink:


I’d probably let them all draw something next time, so a piece of paper… Or my wrist (in Mike’s case). [mrgreen]


I’d bring a poster or HT album cover. I’d like to have Mike and Chester sign back of my Iphone haha


I’ll gonna design a flag next time. With my favorite lyrics, the logo and band name. And then I’ll let them sign that! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I just realised that rubik cubes have 6 sides if you know what I mean :smiley:

On the other side I think the marker would wear off after 500 solves or so. I’m talking about coloured plastic cubes, not stickered ones ofc.

Hvaing a favourite cube signed would be so awesome :smiley:


Good question My poster I have on my wall since M2M