Its arrived but where is the guitar pick?


Ordered the LPU as a gift for my daughter on 301/11/14 and was amazed that it arrived in time for Christmas and now she is a very happy girl.

Except on the website one of the items listed in the package is a guitar pick but it wasn’t in the package - is it normal for something to be missing or do they send it on later?



When I got my package, the guitar pick was present. As far as I know, the guitar pick should have been there.


Normally everything you order in the membership bundle should be in the same package.

Make sure to report your missing guitar pick at, they should be able to send you any missing items.

Good luck!


@Beckster I accidentally found mine, 2 days later when I was about to throw away the box… the pic was amongst those cardboard seams that hold the box together … sorry i don’t know how to explain better =)