It's confirmed, babies do not like screaming


This is an actual interview with a 5 Year Old who recently listened to The Hunting Party after falling in love with the more “mellow” songs, such as Shadow Of The Day, Leave Out All The Rest, and Burning In The Skies

Me: Baby, do you like Linkin Park?

Baby: i hate linkin pok

Me: Why? You used to love Linkin Park!

Baby: its evil!

Me: Why are they evil?


Me: Why do you think that?

Baby: they scream in the new music [Referring to The Hunting Party]

Me: What about Linkin Park Recharge? Did you know Linkin Park made that game? Do you still play it?

Baby: not anymore

Me: Why not?

Baby: i fond out linkin pok made it

Me: Should I stop listening to Linkin Park?

Baby: yes

Me: Why?

Baby: because i hate it