iTunes vs Compact Discs


When it comes to music, which do you prefer?

Most people buy all their music strictly from iTunes. Some people, like me, like to buy all their CDs from FYE or Best Buy etc. Some people are divided and do both. Some Linkin Park fans use iTunes for all their music, but buy all their LP music in-stores.

How do you buy your music?


I’m both. If i find a band i haven’t heard and just want a song or two i use iTunes. When it comes to my favorite bands like Linkin Park though, i buy the CDs.


I love CD [smile]


i prefer cd’s because if something happens and you lose your music on itunes you still have cd’s plus you can get cd’s signed so…


cds for me :slight_smile:


If I can find the album, EP, LP etc in stores, I buy it, the only music I buy digitally is music that does not have a physical release. I currently have over 700 CD’s collected over the last fifteen years.


Both. iTunes are fast so you can get an album the minute it’s out and go grab the cd later. I find myself buying cds I only care about having nowadays. The rest is just buying the album or songs on iTunes.


CD from record store on day of release ftw! [biggrin]


I like CD’s much more because if I listen to the same song first on iTunes and then on a CD both across the same system (same speakers and same booster), the sound that the CD reaches is much more warm and even a little wider, kinda softer, I know that sounds stupid but I think CD has a better sound. :smiley:
The sound of iTunes isn’t bad, I listen to Mp3’s all the time.


I prefer CDs

i just want to hold it in my hands and look at the booklet.


[quote=PriciShinizzleBlackbird]I prefer CDs

i just want to hold it in my hands and look at the booklet.


Only CD for me :).


I tend to buy cd’s so I can listen to them in my car… my 5 y/o daughter will drive anywhere w/me as long as LP is on.


Cd’s are up to 1200 kbps, but digital downloads are usually 256 kbps (and itunes downgrades anything higher to this)You can hear the difference if you play the music loudly.

Also, with CD’s you are better insured against technological advances with CD’s, as they convert into more formats, not just MP3.
However, I do download from itunes often anyway. I find that amazon is usually the same price for CD’s and MP3’s (and it tends to be cheaper than anyone else) also, if you buy seccond hand off amazon, you get good as new CD’s very cheaply.


I like to TOUCH it, i don’t know why… but itunes is very good if you just want to buy one/or two song/s of an album !


I do both… iTunes is usually more convenient as my town doesnt have a decent music store… i would order CDs online but I live in an apartment which makes receiving mail a pain in the ass…

so far all my linkin park albums are on CDs though! [smile]


I love both. When it comes to convience and im traveling then ill go with itunes. Then again I like having the actaul CD to collect, read the art and summary that comes with it and just to hold it in my hands xD.


I buy all of my albums in real compact cds. I love the atmosphere of going into a cd shop getting to know the person who owns it and buying a cd. The only time i go on itunes is if i want to buy a single or a song from a band that i don’t really like i just like that one song. If you buy a cd you can put it on your phone, computer xbox, etc. if you buy it on itunes all you have it on is itunes. So guys please keep buying cds because stores like fye are running out of business and we need to keep them alive


CD is better!


I definetly prefer buying CDs. I think buying only one song or two is a kind of disrespect for the band. The songs I can’t find (unknown bands / foreign bands / EPs) I uusally get them right from the artist’s website, not from iTunes, I don’t like to encourage a company that robs over 4G people everyday.