Jamming to live at da melton keys


Swear to god their music keeps me alive away from letting go…I saw them on August 3 2013iI flew to California from Texas I even have da hybrid theory album cover tattoo on my forearm…I been a fan since da year 2000 I was at home at da time I was leaving in Chicago wit my parents I was 14 years old on q101 I heard one step closer as soon as I heard that I became a fan and till this day I’m a hardcore linkin park fan I relate to their lyrics especially pushing me away some were I belong numb little things give u away witch is one of da best songs in live at da Melton keys…a little info for u guys to c of me sorry for misspelling my English is not that good…I met them in da meet and greet so many things I forgot to tell them hopefully in da future I can tell them especially Chester that their lyrics keep me alive


Kuddos to u for pouring your heart out to us! :slight_smile: im sure Chester will appreciate it!