Jämsä 31.8.2015 Videos?


There was a lot of people in media area filming the show and I would like to see them. :smile: Had an awesome time there.


Pictures and videos both.



Pic should be here but I don’t know about vids.


Hi, don´t know about the videos, sorry, but the show really was AWESOME !! The venue & sound was great
for an outdoor show. Had a perfect day with LPU, back stage tour (thanks so much Lorenzo + LP crew) and meet & greet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! : )


This was the fourth time for me to see LP live and the first time meeting the band backstage. Won the pass here, as well as the photo pass. Lorenzo was cool :smiley: seriously, he helped out a lot.
I only have my own videos and pics, but has anyone received the official meet&greet pic with the band? It should be better quality than those which are here, right?