Jason Aalon Butler


whatever, just saying nice to see a great band carry on. HATERS. IM 61 NO ONES COUSIN BRO!



Sorry, but I’m not quite getting the point your post is trying to make.


He wants that dude to fill in for Chester so LP continues
Probably his cousin lol


Thanks @framos1792 because I don’t really understand it Ethier

And in my option Chester can’t be replaced he was a once in a lifetime singer And it’s impossible to find a singer of that quality but not only that his heart he had one of the biggest hearts ever

And I will stop there because I am the wrong thread for this I believe


Aheam… so not much appropriate I think… :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s up to LP what they want to do and only them.


Yeah i don’t think it’s this easy to broach that subject but I think it wasn’t meant as insult or anything but yyyyeah slightly tactless maybe that’s why he was beating around the bush and didn’t say it straight out


Can we just stop this discussion? I won’t hear nor support nothing in this direction. As @lpfan61 already mentioned: inappropriate- I add kinda arrogant and definitely the wrong platform here to find your request supported … but as always guys: just my opinion


I agree with what you said pat and @lpfan61


He’s ok but I don’t think his voice can fill chester


@derek @jFar920 would you guys mind closing this one down considering it is somewhat offensive to at least some people
I know it’s not bad or anything but it’d do better closed maybe?