JHB M&G has it been announced?


pretty simple request right here has it been announced who the luck few are?


It wont be announced.

You will get an e-mail.


Have the emails gone out yet??


Yeah, as far as I know they went out Wednesday morning, that is when I got mine at least


aaaaahhhhh man i missed out!!! but i only got early entrance notification yesterday


lucky u u excited about tomorrow’s meeting?


I’m so insanely excited :smiley: been waiting more than 10 years for LP to come to SA, and on top of that i’ve been chosen for meet and greet :smiley:


yo dude im soooo jealous!!!


Thanks Connor… i am insanely jealous of you right now! I have been praying for them to come to SA ever since i heard Crawling for the first time :’( :’(
My dream of meeting Chester and the band will have to be delayed!


If you get a chance to ask Mike a question, could you ask him if he makes mention to X-men / mutant powers in High Voltage, ive always wondered that, and if Rob gets treated as the little brother they tease, and who is the prankster on tour?


Its sucks really bad to get picked :frowning: at least i will be at the concert


I was lucky enough to be selected for the Meet and Greet. Super amped. Thanks LPU for the awesome opportunity to meet my all time favourite band.

To all of you who missed out, we will be there celebrating for every single one of you.

See you all at the show!


Are they still selecting peeps for Meet and Greet?


Damn, it would be amazeballs to meet them!!! My #1 band since 2000!!!


So miffed about the meet and greet :frowning: Wish I had been chosen but I know those who were love the band just as much. SO EXCITED FOR TODAY!