JHB Show last night - 10/11/12


Last night was the best night ever - these okes are insanely brilliant live - i thank God for their talents cause these okes are the shizz. I have never heard a band sound as good, if not better, live than on their studio songs.

I got to meet the band, and today is mine and my wifes 17yr wedding anniversary, yeah the day after the show, and i Got Mike, Chester and Phoenix to wish her happy anniversary recorded on video. These guys are so humble, i am their biggest fan…


Last night was epic! They did not disappoint at all, def the best band I’ve ever seen live and probably the best I ever will see.

Congrats on the anniversary!


Agree 100%
Hope they visit again!


LINKIN PARK were “wait for it LEDGEN… DARY”, I have never been so happy about seeing a band live. Absolutely the best concert I have ever been too. They were so full of energy and never once dropped the ball. They sound exactly like what I expected and nothing less. They even said a few words about the accident in Cape Town and about those that were injured and died, expressing the deepest sympathy. This meant a lot to the SA fans :slight_smile:

Thank you for coming to SA, we love you guys and definately want you back some day. I will be there when you come back :slight_smile: until then, I keep this night in my mind.


This production was all I could have hoped for, and much, much more. Finally seeing these guys that I had spent the last twelve years of my young life following, listening to, watching their funny LPTV episodes, was markedly overwhelming and a very special moment in my life. Thank you LP for visiting our beautiful country, and please come again soon! We love you.

Much love


It was the most awesome evening, I still can’t believe that I got to go to the M&G


The show last night was brilliant , I’ve seen them perform in Perth . But this was epic. Loved it


Yeah agreed - They were freaking awesome! Just sucks that I didn’t get an invite to the Meet & Greet - That would have been the highlight of the last 11/12 years :frowning:


Neil you bugger!

Guess who this is?


wait, wait, is that the Mr. Wesley Snipes?? hahaha, last night was the most amazing experience ever, I got to see a band i’ve been waiting for for 12 years, and meet them… haha, my legs and feet are killing me and my voice is gone, and it was worth it, i’d do it all again


OH MY SOUL!!! last night as RIDICULOUSLY EPIC!!! Officially the best concert I’ve been to. How great was the part with all the cellphone lights?! This was definitely one of the best experiences of my life so far


Just AMAZING… best night of my life! But I felt like it was too short…:frowning:
But anywho, still amazing…


@Connor Yes it is
I’m still Lost in the Echo of last night’s oustanding concert. I sang most of the lyrics but cudnt quiet keep up with Mike & Chester, ha ha.
Oh the M&G was jus Too Good to be True, I tell yah.
@heydudeimadam I wouldn’t mind being your sidekick, ha ha


Hey buddy,

yeah man, how u doing? had mad fun last night, was nice meeting u Mr Wesley Snipes.

[quote=Nathi Trevor Mabaso]Neil you bugger!

Guess who this is?[/quote]


Agreed Neil, last night was simply awesome!

We had a great time, and we are both thankful that they came here!



Wow last night was the most amazing experience in my life! Linkin Park you
are amazing thank you so much for coming to South Africa!!! Hope we get to see you again soon!!!


Best concert I have ever been too. It was amazing to hear the whole crowd singing along with Linkin Park and do not get me started on when the crowd used cellphones along with lighters to illuminate the darkness.

Please Linkin Park, do not let this be the only time you come to South Africa. As you have seen you have some of the most passionate fans here. Come again, you wont be disappointed.


OMG what a show!! by far the best concert I’ve been to, doesnt anyone have the tracklist by any chance?


Best concert i have ever been to in my entire life! What a life changing experience! Thank you Linkin Park, you guys know how to throw a party!


Awesome concert! Best eva. Chester makes my throat sore hearing him live! Best part fo the meet and greet for me was meeting all you awesome people. Great group of people and I am chuffed I got to meet and hang out with you all!