Jiffy Lube Live - Virginia Show Page


Starting a page for everything about the Virginia Jiffy Lube Live show on August 13th. Share contact info, ticket questions, venue questions, etc… Right Here!

I’m going and meeting up with some friends I met at a meet and greet last year.


Mini, do I know you? [lol]

Cannot wait for this show!!! Counting down the days. See you at the venue.


Curious, I have two row 4 pit passes, I am medically unable to go. Anywhere I could sell tickets advice would be helpful. I paid 200 for two 4th row tickets.


Your best bet is to place them on DC’s craigslist and see if you can get close to making your money back. StubHub charges too much for fees, so I wouldn’t advise going that route. Just a FYI… 4th row PIT only signifies how many PIT tickets have been sold. The venue has a limit on how many people can be in the PIT during the show. I’m sorry you’re unable to attend, but good luck on yor sale.


I hope everyone has a magnificent time at this concert! I’m beyond excited and it’s just a week away now! I’ll see all you Soldiers in the pit! [razz]


I’ll definitely be there with my friends as well…in the PIT! Anyone else??


I’ll be in the pit!! So excited. Have they chosen the winners for the M&G yet?? I’m getting tired of checking my email. Lol.


Yeah, I got one!! Can’t wait!!!


E-mails for the meet and greet for this show went out yesterday. I got one!

See you all at the show. Randy…I will be back up in your row for the show. Not going to the pit.

I have two tickets for the pit if anyone wants to talk about a deal.




I’ll be 1 row back from you in Row K. My tickets for the Soundgarden & Nine Inch Nails show were in Row J Section 102. Too many shows to keep track of! [biggrin]


Don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight! My first LP show in 6 years! Anyone know where the early entry line will be?


Okay…before I close out this stream… Who agrees with me that the LP show was one of the best ever?!! I know that is up for debate…but I have never seen Chester (and Mike) in the audience so much!! I was really pleased with the stage and visibility of the performers. Rob’s drum solo was off the hook!

I am really glad that I got to see this show and the Meet and Greet was awesome!! Thank you to the LP guys. They are very very real people and very cool. I am always amazed at how down to earth they are and how much they give back to the fans!

Still running on energy from that show!


Grant did you miss any of the opening bands during the m&g?


This was my 2nd LP concert and THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! The setlist was absolutely perfect, the crowd was rowdy and full of energy–PHENOMENAL!!! You could clearly see how much the band was loving the experience too, and that made everything even more memorable! Plus, my best friend and I got to hug Chester and I got a kiss from him, too!!! Front row rocking out in the pit, no better place to be! Words can’t express how incredible that concert was. Changed my life in so many ways!!! [smile][lol]


I heard AFI. We also saw the first part of 30 seconds to Mars. They had us line up for Meet and Greet to the right of the stage at 8:00 p.m. So I missed about 45 minutes of 30 seconds…but I could hear them the entire time. We were back out to catch the last 10 minutes of their show.