Joe Hahn's projects


Since many of you wanted Joe to have his own topic (Thanks to @rickvanmeijel @framos1792 @theearlywalker , I do too, he deserves all the love as well), here it is! If you have any more videos of him do share it here! This one is his set from Singapore:


Yaaay! Thanks for this thread! :heart: :grin:


Joe Hahn is rocking my world right now!!


How cool- great job @AJ_7 :tada:


Nice :grin:


Nice job AJ :grin:

Haven’t watched this set yet, but I read that he used a lot of LP samples throughout


New project that Joe is working on


Just watched the video - what a crazy set! I’d wish he’d do more of these shows, it’s flipping great! Anyone got the song ID’s?


Thanks for posting @AJ_7

Did you see this @zenataylor?


Ooooh, that’s so interesting.
Whatever he does will be amazing.
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


Apparently this is an advert:



The same thing as above

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I wanted to add this:

Chat Room (TLPTV2)

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Steve Aoki seems to be collaborating with everyone these days. LP, Tim McIlrath, Tom Morello, now BTS