Joined the LPU, can't see LPU Forum Topics


I just joined the LPU a few days ago, and I can’t seem to see or access any of the LPU only forum topics. On my screen is just all the regular forum topics. Does anyone know what’s causing this? Thanks in advance!


Already tried to enter the site go login / register to access your account and click community? = LPU = Forum Linkin Park

To be honest the forum is more fun than the LPU hahah
Any questions just call me.


I posted this in the other thread, too, but might as well here, try to log out of both the forums and the main site, and then relogin to the main site and the forums


As of this morning, I am not able to access any LPU threads as well. I logged off and on and now it seems to be working just fine but only on my pc. I still can’t access the LPU threads on my tablet and phone. Weird.


Alright thanks. Will try the next time I’m on my computer!


i agree with you :grin: :smile:


I tried it, but it doesn’t work. I used two different computers and my mobile phone.


I tried logging out of both the forums and the LPU. Still cant see any LPU only topics! What gives!? xD


Yeah… I still can’t access LPU threads from my phone and tablet. I can only see them on my pc. (and I did the logging on and off things on every device).


hey :slight_smile: can i contact you to sort out my lpu problem?? :cry:


This seems really weird. I’m having no problems on PC or mobile so I can’t test things to try to fix it


I’m having this same problem… It’s driving me crazy. I keep getting a page that “this topic is private” I made a topic sling what m&gs are like and someone redirected me to a topic that was similar but it’s still “private”


I just can’t see any LPU topics it’s starting to annoy me lol


same here darn it :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Same problem for me!


Seems to be a common issue…


Did anyone contact support to see what’s up?


I tried it, but they told me that I should use another browser. But this is not the problem.


@jess0nfire Hey, it was me, who created the thread about how m&gs are. You can’t reach it? But it’s definitely not private. I received lots of answers.