Jones Beach show experience


Ok, the Linkin Park last night was AMAZING. First off, I saw some of Mutemath, I missed Incubus standing on line for the Meet and Greet, and then like an hour after the time the M&G was supposed to start, Adam(guy who runs the LPU site) took us backstage, up the stairs on side of the stage, and I got to meet them. I got the Hybrid Theory and Living Things cover signed. My mom got in and they let her get something signed too. They are so cool and nice. I told Phoenix(the bass player) we share a birthday. He was testing me by saying February 19(really the 8th). I asked Mike about the clip at the begging Victimized, and he said its just something he recorded in another language and he doesn’t even know what it is. And I was nervous when I got to Chester(Lead singer) and he told my mom that I looked nervous, cause she said they’re my favorite band to him. And I asked Joe what music program he uses when on stage, and he said he hooks up a nintendo DS to his gear, and I was laughing. My mom got pretty good pictures of them backstage. They played Victimized/QWERTY and they never play QWERTY, they played With You which they usually don’t, and they also played Bleed it Out/Sabotage (Sabotage is by the Beastie Boys).After their encore, I went up to the stage(the security lady let me), and Brad handed a drumstick to someone behind me, so I asked him for one and he gave it to me, I screamed for Phoenix who was on the other side of the stage and he came over and gave to a pic, i shook they’re and again over the stage, Chester came over to me and shook my hand, and I tried to get to Mike who was in the middle and the security guy wouldn’t let me so Mike saw that and walked over to me and shook my hand. When leaving after buying a T-Shirt, when I went into the parking lot, park police hand me and my mom shirts which they confiscated from those guys that sell non authentic shirts in the parking lot. AMAZING NIGHT! Pictures to come.:slight_smile: (I told who the guys are cause this is what i put on facebook)


it was such a great show!


amazing experience


thats great you got to meet them! i was there too but in the audience haha. i love the band too. are you going the the LPU summit?


No im not


Wow, amazing!


I am !


I don´t know you but i´m so happy by now … i can imagine how special it was for you, hope one day this can happen with me … LP


the show was great besides the wait for the meet and greet… Phoenix Rules!!!


The wait really sucked, and even though there wasn’t a group photo, i got pics with them near the stage after the show


It sounds like you had an absolutely amazing experience!! I’m so happy for you, especially that your Mom was able to get in too and take pictures. I’d love to see them!


Linkin Park killed it !! it was awesome . I can’t believe i won a meet & greet and got to meet the guys. I was really surprised to see only about 50 people on that line. I wish they would have played a few more shows in NY though. I need to see them again . I looked around the theater , didn’t notice one empty seat !! Seriously thinking about taking the 3 hour drive to Camden, Well worth it !!!


Did anyone recognize a kid with a fauxhawk and LPUX tee, cause that was me