July 20, a Year Later (for all to use)


Thank you so much @framos1792 for letting us speak in here… i am very sad not cause of the main reason… but because i have no time to inspire people in here and read their stories… i wish i could… I feel helpless that I cannot be here for my family… just too stupid of me being a busy bee. Can i say my words soon after my tests ends? :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry @Honey8, everytime you show up here, you bring such a beautiful sunlight on the forum. So even if you haven’t time today, don’t feel sad about it. I’m sure you’ve inspired a lot of people since you’re here, so you can be proud of you. :hugs: And we will wait for your words, of course.


It was like any other day for me. I went to work, did the morning session of patients, went home for lunch, walked the dog and called my mom to wish her a happy birthday. I went back to work and started the afternoon. I hadn’t been on social media much that day so, I didn’t hear anything until my husband texted me. “I hope it’s not true but, I’m so sorry”, he said. I just replied what. Then he said TMZ reported the passing. I didn’t believe it. I did a Google search and there were many other places reporting it, then Mike’s tweet confirming. I went numb. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t break down. I don’t think I let it process. I got home and put on a LP shirt, headphones and walked the dog like always. I was going to finally get tickets to the show they were playing in MA the next week that night. I regret not getting them sooner.
It didn’t really sink in till a few days later when I heard “Hunger Strike” with him and Chris Cornell. I lost it. It still hurts a year later. I hope you are resting in peace.
Stay strong everyone.


i still don’t have words for this day but i wish everyone is alright!
I was at work last year, doing nothing checking news … and i’ve seen mike’s post. i didn’t want to be true but it was. It hit hard and it still is. But i wish all of you well and i wish to stop crying but then i remember we all are still crying … hugs to everyone! #makechesterproud


my heart stil hurts a year later. We miss you Chester! :heart:


A year later in London



Linkin Park Italia made a site where soldiers can commemorate dear Chazy with pics/drawings/recordings and personal comments/memories to honor him and keep his memory alive in our hearts…
You can do so sharing your posts on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with the hashtag #ChesterLegacy. (I don’t know well how it works since I don’t have any social apart forum…) Staff and mods will check them and will publish only appropriate ones!
The most part of them are in Italian, but I saw there are in English too or from people that aren’t Italian, so it’s open to everyone! :heart: :heart: :heart:


A year later in Munich


It was nice that Mike mentioned the London memorial in his insta story.

There were amazing tributes and memorials all over the world


I am writing here for the very first time. I didn’t know what to do, or how to express what I was feeling and what I had been going through in the past one year. So I wrote all of it as a tribute to Chester on my blog. This was my first post on my blog after almost 3 years. I do not have many friends who share the same emotions or closeness with Linkin Park as I do, so I have never been bale to discuss the same with anyone yet. Hope my post makes sense to some over here.

A Tribute to Chester Bennington

Rest in Peace Chester!



Some impressions from Stuttgart meetup yesterday!


So moving to see what everyone is sharing. I went to a party to honour Chester this past weekend and I’m still sore from headbanging and jumping around crazily! I like to think Chester would have approved.

I highly recommend this type of event to everyone for next year. It was very different from going to an LP concert but some of the same vibe was there. It was also very cathartic for me to finally rock out with a community of lovely LP fans.

Last year I was very emotionally unable to attend any of the events. It wasn’t until the guys put on the show in honour of Chester that I allowed myself to listen to more than one or two songs. And I cried a lot during that show, alone in my bedroom.

This was the first time in years that I was able to have a communal Linkin Park experience and I really needed it.

Big thanks to Pink City for organizing this Toronto event and everyone who was there Saturday night! <3