Juqster LPU community beta testing (CLOSED)


As you might know, plug.dj is going to meet it’s demise in 8 days if they don’t get enough donations. With this in mind I have found the closest possible replacement. It’s not as interesting as plug or as well polished but it should do the job.

The reason I’m posting this is to ask you to join my beta testing tomorrow to see whether it will be usable or not. If plug continues to live then we won’t use Juqster. If you wish to help, just drop by anytime tomorrow (between 10:00 and 19:30 British Summer Time) for as long as you want. Any help would be much appreciated.

To help just sign up like with plug: http://www.juqster.com/hub.html?id=linkin-park-underground

Thanks for the help :grinning:

LPU "Radio" Style Room on plug.dj

A bit more about the site: