Just a couple of traditional drawings


I’m a teen with a passion for both LP and art so I recently created a couple of drawings pertaining to LP. There will be more to come.
Admittedly, I became a fan initially in August 2013 when LP played in Taiwan while I was simultaneously visiting my grandparents there. These drawings are pretty recent as of the post date. Enjoy! (:


Hi Alex. Welcome to the LPU [biggrin] These are very cool paintings!


Why, thank you. (:


cool! I really like them :smiley:


omg i love these drawings


Drawings are not mine… At once I speak)) But in my opinion has turned steeply.


omg that last one is so super cute


[quote=SD]omg that last one is so super cute

Thank you)) I also liked)) I can throw still hither, if you wish)


All this drawings are great.
I love them.


I do not know why, but this drawing has reminded me a clip “Iridescent” :-))

Drawings are not mine, but it has turned cool)))


Yes, they are really cool!