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Tag anyone I missed


I can see that I voted (I mean every user who votes will be shown there?). Is that what your intention was?


the new poll maker?


Yeah, it to see who skips single polls in BOTS. Saves me time too as I don’t have to switch between accounts to do a random choice vote as compensation.


I wish this functionality was available when voting for OSC was on. Reasons, reasons.


Precisely what @the_termin8r said @amitrish


We just have to make sure fights don’t erupt over who votes for what looks at @amitrish


It works! :slight_smile:
And I really hope nobody will want to fight over a game :slight_smile:


I do understand the purpose. I just wanted to confirm if that’s exactly what this test was for, or there was an ulterior purpose as well.

I won’t fight anyone for any song. I will calmly ensure that they are eliminated from LPU.


I won’t be implementing it for knock-outs
With that people can miss out matches
It’s just for the table and leagues so that all the songs have equal amount of votes in total when it’s done
Knock-outs it will just be who has the most amount of votes


The test itself is to see if it works for a multi-poll


@TripleXero didn’t vote on matches
please vote on all matches

This is what I would be doing when it comes to even voting


I didn’t vote on both of them on purpose this time


I know :slight_smile:
and for that
I thank you