Just a Wish for my best friend on his birthday


I have just subscribe because I want/wish something really important.
Look, my best friend’s birthday will be on march 12th I just want to do a video with all his friends wishing him a happy birthday.
I don’t even know if you will read this, but will be really amazing if you or just one wish a happy birthday in a short video. You are his heroes. I don’t know how to contact. I wont upload any video on youtube nor any platform, this will be just for him. We’re from Chile, so sorry for my english.
I don’t have any money to pay just the wish and hope that someone will read this and will help me with just 5 sec of a “Happy birthday jorge, que tengas un gran dia” Perhaps i’ll get banned or probably you will laught at me but this is what we do for out friends, right?


Well good luck with that… but here :3 take this nice innocent muffin :3 (hands over ‘nice innocent muffin’)


good luck to ya friend, you andyafam


George deserves a good Birthday :slightly_smiling:


Well, here have some unicorn poop


I don’t know if this fun but
what if you make a friend video talking about how your friend means to you and let other friends talk how that person (person who birthday is coming up) means to them and just try to make it fun and that when you let ever one say happy birthday one by one or all together.

or you could just make a little birthday party for that person who birthday is coming up.


I wish you good luck if you find something more better then use it ok

and I wish your friend a happy birthday.