Just cause you cant see it, Doesnt mean it isn't there


Going through this past month with Chester not being with us, was a damn tough ride for me and i can say all of us. His music helped me moved forward through tough times in my life and ever since his death its confusing to me mostly. Why? Why talk about the future with your friends and talk about new projects that are exciting. It just really confusing to me and thinking about it breaks my heart. I bawled that morning i woke up and checked my phone on the news and saw his name. I thought it was a hoax at first but nope. It was confirmed and thats when i teared up and couldn’t hold it in anymore. After that i was angry, confused, upset and concerned. I listen to One more light and It crazy to hear the lyrics and the meaning of the song. No one see’s depression and doesnt mean its not there. He had it and it was there and I care if one more light goes out Even if its someone i don’t know. They were loved at one point too.I can’t imagine what his children are going through and his wife. This past month i just felt numb. I came here to get help and talk because I know fans of LP can relate.I non stop listen to LP now. their old and the new album and the hidden messages in them. Please help others know they are cared for and that we love each and everyone of us because The LP community is amazing and suppose to feel like HOME. Thank you all.


His voice is immortal and will always help you

Yes… Very hard time… And the band too :pensive:

This is th speciality of LP fans that they are from the most kindest population of the world…
Always there to help you

Just stay strong… Time will heal you… Everything will be okay


Feel the same!we care for each star of this universe… :wink: :relaxed:


I feel you and I care for you, it’s just the same for me. His voice will always be here to help. Stay strong, we’re here with you :hugs: