Just got locked out from my Twitter account. How did that happen?


Do anyone know how I can unlock my twitter account
Will long story short, I just made an account just now and then I just got locked out for no reason. They said that I did not agree to any terms so I had to make a new password and type in my number, but I did not do that yet. So I am asking for HELP PLEASE! :blush:


So why don’t you?


You don’t do that yet? Whut? :joy:


You probably just have to do as it says. I don’t know how you managed to make a Twitter account without accepting the terms of service. Regardless, this category of the forum is for Linkin Park website issues, not other websites. In the future, you’re better off asking something like this in the [INSERT TOTALLY NIFTY TOPIC HERE] topic, or just put the topic elsewhere


Then what should I do you guys are scaring the mess out me man. what should I do because I don’t want anyone to hack into my account.


What’s not accepting the TOS got to do with being hacked?


I don’t know I’m just guessing that’s all.


mods? Rossi? @rvi and Fangirl @derek help us and close this thread- it s just USELEss and disrespects our community need to keep it tidy inhere (… be aware, I´ll call ya in multiple times these next days, to get it maybe back at normal! If words do not help, conequences maybe do! )



Sounds like you need to work this out with twitter and not LPU.

@theearlywalker, do not threaten Moderators of this website. By doing so, you disrespect the community you so self-righteously think you are helping. I have very little patience for toxic members.


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