Just having a moan


Its Friday night , so I’m sat here listening to LP, thinking about Chester. I find myself often drawn to the Birmingham concert that i was lucky to have been at. Chester sang crawling and it was slow and beautiful. Tonight I googled it to see if it had been recorded anywhere. without the addition of the audience joining in…No offence guys but Chester your not :). Anyways If i see the tag line/Headline one more time that Chris Martin turn crawling into a ballad …I swear I’m going to scream…He didn’t cause Chester had already made it unforgettably beautiful and haunting… To be fair i started to watch that version and didn’t get beyond the first min it was so bad. Anyway as I said jsut a moan hope you guys don’t mind.


Birmingham was amazing. Cried a lot. Was amazing to sing breaking the habit a tiny bit with him In Brixton.