Just wanted to type


Hi, I’m a LP soldier from Spain.
First of all, sorry if my english is not as good as it should, but I will try my best to write in a way everybody will understand this.
I hadn’t got strength enough to write all I wanted to tell you before. I just wanted to think this was all a lie, that you were the happiest man in the world, that you had overcome all the deamons of your past.
I was devastated when I read about your death on twitter. I had just watched your new videoclip of Talking to Myself on youtube and I couldnt stop crying all night, and all the next day, and the next one.
I attended to Download Festival in Madrid this past june. I won the M&G contest so I was able to meet you all, to hug you and Mike, while I was crying.

That was one of the happiest days of my life. I was the happiest girl in this world cuz I was hugging my idols, my heroes.

But now I cry too, not because Im happy, but cuz Im sad.
I’m sorry I couldnt see u were suffering. I couldnt see the depression through your big smile, the darkness beyond your smile. Now, you are free, but I feel I’m empty without you, without your voice.

You saved my life, but not just mine, a lot of lifes.

I will always remember you, Chazy. You will always be my hero, the man who helped me to pass through bad moments in the past. The one who told be, thought the lyrics of his songs, that I can be just like I am, I dont have to be like someone else. You helped me to remember they are wounds that will not heal, that anybody’s perfect, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone… but hey, you also teach me that every light matters, that when I feel cold and lost in desperation, I should remember all the sadness and frustration and let it go.
As well, you told us to help you leaving behind reasons to be miss and forget all the wrong that you’ve done. We did, Chezy.
Yeah, we have to understand your time has come, but you will always be missed, you will always be loved.

See you in Heaven, angel. There, I will see you singing again but, this time, you will really be free,

You are not just one more light. We really all care about you, Chester. Really.
W e D o

Love you so fucking much, legend.

Sara CS.


I miss chester like carzy too and i feel that he not in pain anymore. I miss his voice and his wonderful smile. I haven’t got the chance to meet chester and in my heart he know he loved. He an amazing angel I’m going to to make hem pould of me by keeping his memory alive and i will not let his star fall. Every day his is what i think about when i get up and the last thing i think about befor i go to sleep. Always keep the Legend alive he a true star.


I completly agree with you. He will always be loved :heart::heart::heart:. Let’s keep his memory alive.


@theman_eddie :heart::heart::heart: Thanks for this words


I am from Russia and my English is not very good, so sorry.

I absolutely agree with you, Chester will never be forgotten. He is forever alive in our hearts


Thanks to you for reading my letter :heart:️:heart:️ I’m sure he’s watching over us from Heaven.


He will always be remembered, we will make sure of that. My future sons will know who saved his mum’s life :heart:️:heart:️