Karaoke Night at the Bar


Well karaoke night was in full swing at the bar the other night. I had a friendly competition with my buddy on who was singing better. Needless to say it got very competitive. I sang everything from LP to country music. When it came down to the last few songs I went all out. My karaoke guy had all of the latest LP tracks. I basically did a full set list. I ended up winning by singing A Light That Never Comes… Yea my karaoke guy HAD it. I killed it. After singing upwards of 10 LP tracks that night, that one did me in. My voice was thrashed after that night. I have to say. I sing better now than I ever have. On a similar note there was a girl at the bar, and after I sang In The End she came up to me and told me how in love with LP she was. I told her about my experiences with the band and coming up to Chicago this Friday and the Summit next Friday. She went nuts. I think her mind set was that I was in the band because she kept asking me about them, telling me her story of why she loves LP, and of course she had me sing Crawling with her.
What a night.
Anyone else have karaoke LP stories? I’ve got tons If you car to hear more!