Check out this band, not too many people know them, they’re unreal!

Oh and please check out “Djinn” I play for that band!



at first i was like that looks like the guy from bush. then as he start to get closer i was like “not him D; not him!! D;”

sounds ok.


I like Karnivool too! You if you don’t mind instrumental music, you might like this band too: Kerretta

But why we are talking about Karnivool, if we can talk about your band? I just listend to a few songs on your your homepage. Congrats, your music is pretty awsome! I guess I have an appointment with iTunes [wink]. Dude, it’s time to make an album! I’ll definetly keep an eye on you!


Karnivool is AMAZING my brother’s drum teacher was/is friends with the drummer from Karnivool or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha


i’ve been listening to them for about 7 years now! they’re my favourite band right after LP, they’re so amazing and their live shows are even better! Australian bands are the best [biggrin]