KROQ Almost Acoustic 25


Hey LPU! Just wondering if anyone got tickets to see LP and A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER AMAZING BANDS (System of a Down, Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, etc…) today for the KROQ Almost Acoustic show!

AND if you did…and may have a ticket to spare in the pit…that would be preetttttyy cool if you could let me know because they’re all sold out and I really want to go!


Im in the same position. I cant believe they sold out so fast soone I know was able to get one… And other ticket websites are selling them for over 500each pretty ridiculous. I was so exited to see SOAD Rise against and LP!. I mean I Truly hope that they have extra tickets av later on :(… good luck hopefully you find yourself one!!


Well I had 4 GA tickets, but Ticketmaster screwed up and left out CA zip, when it was supposed to be ONLY CA zip. Now scalpers in PA are selling them on Ebay for 10K. I am just heartbroken, as is my family. True fans lose out to scalpers. If anyone wants to sell tickets, please let me know. I am willing to pay a bit above face value, but not scalper prices. Those people should be ashamed.