KROQ show at the Forum


Does anyone have some floor tickets for this show? I had them, but TM messed up the zips. I had 4 on the floor, and now the scalpers have them all. Willing to pay above face, but not crazy amount. I want to take my kids- turned them all on to LP and now they are rabid fans. The show is December 13 at the Forum in LA

I’m still trying to win by calling every hour, but that’s not working out so well. Anyone who can help? I’d appreciate it more than you know! Merry Christmas everyone!!



I have an extra pit ticket for today’s show. Are you still looking for one? Debbie


Sorry i don’t have the ticket anymore. Drbbie


Thank you for answering! I just now saw this. I ended up being able to get tickets, for face value! So happy. TM released some production holds.

It was an awesome show as usual!