Lame lamer lamest period ever here


Dunno why but I got the feeling all yu bears are already in the winter-sleep-period, rarely a post these days, I like to give it a try to consider in this Topic, why it is like this? Please, if your common sense is active right now, try an answer, thanks :tongue:


i tri 2 keep mes dignity


ok I try too, but it bores if theres free time and theres rarely one answer in ab 1 hr? Eva asks last time at twitter cause she thought it was shoot down or so lol


No no, I’m trying not to post as I sound a complete idiot every time I do because of @Gatsie 's challenge :laughing:


ot you arent allowed to post?


No, eye am, butt mes hav to talk lyk a baby wilst wit dis avatar :unamused:


but please talk, when is challange over? Challange not mean to avoid sth, it means going thrue with dignity… :anguished:


2moro @ ~1300

i no avoyd 2 much


but missing you here! You don´t believe that it doesnt matter if youre on or off it MATTERS MUCH why do ya hink you got your regular badge so far?


My main reason isn’t because I sound stupid , but because I don’t actually know how to type as a baby so I have no clue whether I’m doing it well or really badly.


just trust in you you do it well I think @gatsie is allright with it, isn´t she?


booring boboboboboaring this is boring beep bup belup its like a yellyfish, wish my friennds are bublles, bubbles oh bubbles cause it´s a b and u u and a b and a b and an l anda e and an ass… cause its a b and u u and a b and a b and an l anda e and an ass.I´m bubbbled yeah

good night 21:14 MET


I read everything but only reply or comment on whatever seems interesting to me.

Plus, I really need a break from stuff lately, have other things I need to figure out.


I’m rarely posting recently, cause I have a lot of important things changing in my life, I’m trying to save my friendship and I don’t have time for LPU.


Lyfs a biach. mes got sum assignments 2 do dis weekend 2 :confused:


tsk tsk Well at least you’re trying, so I see… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanx for your answwrs guys, private things to figgure out are sure more priority than the LPU. I wish you at all that you can get further on a good way with the challanges of life. Hope, that the spirit get´s you all back here, so we can go on comunitying. Cya arround :coffee:


I’ve just been busy the last few days


Hope to meet ya more often Jordan… :relaxed:


Yeah same for me too, it was just a weekend of stuff, busy and personal - but I missed u guys :smiley: