Laminates/Lanyard early access


Hi could someone give me some info on the early entry to the shows please?
Im going with friends… we are all LPU members but have never used early entry before.
Do we need to purchase a laminate online to get early entry or are we able to print off proof we have lpu memberships and get in that way?

Also am I able to order 2 laminates (one for my brother) from my account, basically just to save on postage as they’ll be going to the same address.

Thanks =)


Yeah I’d also like to know this :smiley:


Need laminates.

You can buy 100 laminates from you account, but you need proof of membership when it comes time to utilize it.


Was early access added back to LPU? I thought it was discontinued with LPU15


Can I buy a laminate for someone who’s not an LPU member?


Thanks derek!


Yes, they can’t use it for anything other than owning it.


Is there still the early entry for LPU`S?