Lanyard question


just got my lanyard today, on it says it’s for collectible purposes only or something like that, and that it’s not for early entry to the venue etc, except i thought that it was?

as lpu we get early entry to venue except for festivals prob, and merch line etc. ?



adam once said, if i remember right, that either you can go with the early entry and the lanyard or a meet and greet. The Lanyard won’t work on festivals. Only arena shows.
I don’t know about the merch line, but if you want to check what the LPU offers, go to the main page and click to benefits of being in the lpu


I hope security knows this at the venue.


Adam said the Lanyard gets LPU members and one friend (don’t quote me on the friend thing) 15 minutes early to the arenas during the Honda Civic Tour (and probably the rest of the touring cycle I’m sure, with the exception of festivals) so that you can get the best spot possible in the pit (for those with pit tix) or visit the booths and stuff before non-LPU members


[quote=Ghost]I hope security knows this at the venue.