Last film you've watched


I wanna get some movie recommendations, so post the last film you’ve watched and give it a rating.

I’ve watched “Agora” yesterday with Rachel Weisz. It was alright and I would give it a 4/5. I recommend it to everyone who likes historical movies.


I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4 yesterday night. (I’m late I know) but I wasn’t able to watch it earlier. Really nice movie, not their best but it was good. 4/5 rating


I watched This is it :smiley:


The Dark Night! :slight_smile: Awesome stuff :slight_smile:


I watched Dream House, it was pretty good!


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Awesome movie (nope not cause some sex scenes:P) WATCH IT!


Wrong Turn 4. This is bullshit!


i watched Chronicles yesterday, it was a scifi movie n its new in ma country ^^


Underworld Awakening


I’ll go to our cinema’s “Ladie’s Night” special and watch “The Vow”. There’s a champagne reception, too XD


The Grey [smile].


I’m gonna rent some movies for the next days I think xD


and was it good? :slight_smile:


ähm… i know that in german… der vorleser, great movie!


Last movie I saw in theaters was Puss In Boots. I can honestly recommend it to everyone who liked Shrek movies, and to everyone in general. And to those who thinks it’s just a kids movie, it is not, the theater was full of young adults :slight_smile:


and was it good? :slight_smile:

i think it was good specially the effect,coz i like scifi movie [wink]


Funny People :smiley:


and was it good? :slight_smile:


“The Reader” in english.

Last film I watched at cinema I can’t remember. It’s soooo long ago. But for those who like animated movies I can recommend films by Hayao Miyazaki. Got five DVD’s at Christmas and my birthday. My favorite is “My Neighbor Totoro”. Soooo cute! [biggrin]


Tron Legacy. Love it!