Last letter game vol IV


Raising (hell :crazy_face:)

(Aye! :blush: I also go by Batman :grimacing: very important information to have while on here so…yeah :grimacing::joy:)


He’s kidding, important info about him: he is an onion.



Lol wassup here? Batman in action? :joy:



Get over here! :triumph: what are you doing spreading false information! :triumph: :shushing_face::shushing_face::triumph:

And @theearlywalker yeeees :smile: back to crashing threads :smile:


Onions taking the control of the forum :joy: hi dear sister :hugs:


:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:



Lol that’s a nice surprise this morning :tada::sunny::crazy_face:- keep on spreading the good vibes guys- and then goodnight :crescent_moon: to you both- me starting my day now - cya around :sunny::smile: later :wave:t2:



Sunshine (I hope it follows you through your day literally and figuratively giving off good energy to all you do! :blush::hugs:)


Yeeey! Party! :tada: :tada:

Mine in 5 hours :grimacing: and I can’t sleep now :/. Anyway, have fun today we’ll burn the forum for you :wink: :hugs:




Hope to have a great time :grin:


You will :smile: the game area is the best way to know us, also the barracks and the back door can be fun. Visit the art gallery to find inspiration in drawings and other things :wink:



Artistic (yeah! Go see @otokandera’s freshly completed painting of Chester! :astonished: it’s brilliant! :star_struck:)



It’s amazing! See lastest topics to find it faster



(We should work in advertising :relieved::crazy_face: we’d do a better job than the Russians advertising Donald trump during the election :thinking::rofl:)


I love the idea, let’s make our own company now:

Manu and the dancing onion company”
The place where you will be feel like in home :wink:


Thank you for the tips :grin:
I will try to check all of the topics!

@IronSoldier16 you forgot your word! :joy:


No, this time I didn’t.

It is “Manu” :wink:


So sorry @IronSoldier16, didn’t catch that :joy:



Already scaring off the new comers are you? Typical onion for you. :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:



@manypintas welcome to the forums. Everyone here is nice and easy to get along with (usually lol), and I’m sure you’ll fit in with the rest of us.


@chigokurosaki thank you, thank you, thank you :grinning:

isn’t there any topic for the new members to present themselves and to get to know the rest of the members? :slight_smile:

On topic: