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Gente en español?
LP Venezuela | Panas, bienvenidos
Gente en español?
Gente en español?

It’s all here:


I’m talking about the e mystery, the images on Linkin Park and the members of the band in them social networks


We are talking about those things in that thread, that’s why I linked it.


I finally found it jaja :smile:
thanks you! See you there


Para que sea diferente y no se enojen vamos hablando en español en este foro jaja
Yo creo que va ser cancion fuerte y movida aunque me gustaria oir mas baladas de ellos como en minutes 2 midnight


Never mind
Got called out for Spanish already
Worth a try :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m ready for a big surprise… But at the same time I’m afraid, a lot of people is so negative about it… And that put me a little uncomfortable, but in the bottom I know that even if I don’t like much the new thing I will still love the band… I’m anxious and happy for the new album :slight_smile:
(soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Its just a big change when they experiment with something different but to date they’ve kept the same style so I’m with you on always liking them
It just gives us more variety to choose from for different moods :sweat_smile:

Mucho gusto, sho(accento Argentino :stuck_out_tongue: ) soy Mexicano que vive en e.u.


Yeah! Finally I found other latin (except for some Brazilians that don’t speak Spanish).
Well … “Sho” creo que we just have to wait and follow Mike’s “puzzles”. :joy_cat:
Genial coincidir…


Ya que se apiade de nosotros
I can’t take anymore ponies singing linkin park :joy:


In my mind these days sound “A light that never comes"
The only thing I have in my Brain is” tu tu tu tu turu" just sounds


I’m not really so logical or smart for that games…


Me perdistes :confused:
Cuales juegos?

El que tiene tu tu tu tururu en la cabeza soy yo creo
Me la pegastes!


Corrijo Puzzles*


Ahh sha entendi
You need to go listen to recharged so the light bulb lets the light come in :stuck_out_tongue:


Jajajajaja I don’t pronounce “sh” all the time!!!
Well the truth is that I do but that is not in discussion! Jaja


I should change the name of the Topic… What you propose?


The problem is im from chihuahua mexico and we say shihuahua through our accent too so the first time I was teasing your accent but the second time my shihuahua came out too jaja


Ay shihuahua! Jaja
Something like “Latin Users”? What do you think?